Sherpa K650T Turboprop V10

The turbine Sherpa (K650T) is our newest addition to the bush plane lineup. This amazing aircraft was designed and built by Byron Root and Glen Gordon and is now undergoing the arduous phases of certification. We tapped the Sherpa information sources and developed a set of models that closely follow the turbine Sherpa’s performance. It is impressive! With a proprietary airfoil and flap design, 3500 pound empty weight, 840 horsepower turning 110 inches of three-blade prop you know it has to be good.

Check out these stats:

  • Takeoff (Half Fuel, Std Day, 2000’ MSL)
    • No Flap lift Off and 60 MPH in 320 Feet
    • 20 Flap (Optimum) Lift Off at 43 MPH in 200 Feet

  • Distance to Clear 50’ Obstacle (Half Fuel, Std Day, 2000’ MSL)
    • No Flap 60 MPH Climb Requires 800 Feet (30 Degrees Nose High)
    • 20 Flap (Optimum) 50 MPH Climb Requires 510 Feet (30 Degrees Nose High)

  • Landing (At Touch Down - Full Reverse Thrust No Brakes)
    • No Flap – 70 MPH Approach at 3 Degrees – 450 Feet
    • 10 Flap – 65 MPH Approach at 3 Degrees – 300 Feet
    • 20 Flap – 60 MPH Approach at 3 Degrees – 280 Feet
    • 30 Flap – 55 MPH Approach at 3 Degrees – 170 Feet
    • 40 Flap – 50 MPH Approach at 3 Degrees – 150 Feet.

  • Landing Over a 50 Foot Obstacle
    • 40 Flap, 10 Degree Approach Angle at 60 MPH – 640 Feet.

  • Besides being a great plane for the bush, the Sherpa also has docile and predictable instrument flight characteristics:
    • Vectors – 120 MPH – 29 PPH
    • No Flap Final – 100 MPH – 28 PPH
    • Flap 20 Final – 80 MPH – 29 PPH
    • Flap 20 Final – 65 MPH – 29 PPH
    • Missed Approach – 80 MPH, 5 Degree Climb Gradient, 32 PPH

The experimental K650T has not been seen with skis or floats but we provide you with versions for any condition all test flown in the toughest conditions to ensure you have a plane that will get you in and out of the trickiest places. Our cockpit is a replica of the experimental turbine Sherpa. In the future, as the actual birds get glass cockpits and more refined displays we’ll follow with updates. Our payload bays will come with options for hunting/fishing camp resupply or passengers and our proprietary pilot.

The Sherpa’s high visibility cockpit combined with STMA’s Tracker XP 3D plugin is sure to give you hours of realistic flight experience. This aircraft will hook you!

The real version kit price is $750k. You’ll get ours for the usual fair price!

Modeling and flight dynamics follow specifications and test pilot reported observations and is pure pleasure to fly. We have tested the Sherpa in all the toughest places for bush planes – high mountain strips, small lakes, and even Lukla airport in the Himalayas. The Sherpa takes off shorter than a Husky, approaches the landing field at 55 knots, cruises at 180 knots, and is limited in service ceiling only by its unpressurized cabin. It’s like a turbine Maule only bigger -- like a turbine Porter only prettier!

As the Sherpa certification progresses we will update the model for current owners so you can stay up with the actual working planes. This model is built and tested by a mountain pilot instructor for bush pilot enthusiasts, so pack your gear and let’s go! Watch for a February release.

As with all STMA models you'll get a fully functional 3D cockpit, control dock, and some extras we'll add as a surprise.

Purchase the Sherpa K650T Turboprop V10 from the X-Plane.Org store.